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1080 Gleanings Through Wales, Holland and Westphalia with Views of Peace and War at Home and Abroad Pratt, MrLongman, Paternoster Row1796Second417Eng50.00
1081 Gazetteer of England and Wales B Crosby & Co1807595Eng20.00
1082 Scenes in America Taylor, IsaacJohn Harris, London1821Fourth0Eng30.00
1083 The Conduct of the Understanding / Bacons Moral, Economical and Political Essays Locke, JohnJ F Dove, London1825240Eng40.00
1084 Burkes Philosophical Inquiry into the Origins of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful BurkeJ F Dove, London1827175Eng40.00
1085 Ivanhoe Scott, Sir WalterCollins1830486Eng15.00
1086 Cours dHistoire Moderne Guizot, MHauman, Cattoir, Bruxelles18380Fre30.00
1087 Aesops Fables James, Thomas RevJohn Murray, London1852First148Eng10.00
1088 A Natural History of Beasts Birds and Fishes Aikman, JamesT Nelson & Sons, London18540Eng30.00
1089 Rescued from Egypt A.L.O.E. A Lady Of EnglandT Nelson & Sons, London18760Eng20.00
1090 The Light of Asia The Great Renunciation Arnold, Edward CSITrubner, London1885238Eng20.00
1091 Cotton Weaving & Designing Taylor, John TLongmans, Green & Co1893293Eng25.00
1092 Pond Life : Algae Smithson, T SpencerSwan Sonnenschein, London1894Second93Eng20.00
1093 Wood Carving Leland, Charles GWhittaker, London1894Third162Eng50.00
1094 The Story of the Earth in Past Ages Seeley, HGGeorge Newnes, London1895First196Eng20.00
1095 The Story of the Plants Allen, GrantGeorge Newnes Ltd1896Second232Eng10.00
1096 What a Young Boy Ought to Know Stall, SylvanusVir Publishing, London1897First190Eng25.00
1097 Early Chapters in Science Awdry, Mrs. WJohn Murray, London1899348Eng20.00
1098 The Turners Handbook on Lathework and Screw Cutting Wharton, WEChas Stockner, Birmingham1900First59Eng15.00
1099 Casa Guidi Windows and other Poems Browning, Elizabeth BarrettHenry Frowde1904936Eng10.00
1100 Ivanhoe Scott, Sir WalterThomas Nelson1905574Eng10.00
1101 Vanity Fair Thackeray, WMThomas Nelson1905784Eng10.00
1102 The Professor at the Breakfast Table Holmes, Oliver WendellTemple Classics1905305Eng5.00
1103 Gowanss Nature Books, No.7 : Toadstools at Home -Gowans & Gray Ltd1907First75Eng25.00
1104 Gowanss Nature Books, No.16 : Wild Flowers at Home Fourth Series -Gowans & Gray Ltd1907First75Eng30.00
1105 Gowanss Nature Books, No.2 : Wild Flowers at Home First Series -Gowans & Gray Ltd1907First75Eng35.00
1106 Wuthering Heights Bronte, EmilyHenry Frowde1907343Eng10.00
1107 Elementary Lessons in Logic Jevons, W StanleyMacMillan, London1907340Eng10.00
1108 Sans Famille Malot, Hector19070Fre12.00
1109 Poems of Power Wilcox, Ella WheelerGay and Bird1907164Eng10.00
1110 Gowanss Nature Books, No.8 : Our Trees and How to Know Them -Gowans & Gray Ltd1908First75Eng18.00
1111 Gowanss Nature Books, No.21 : Fossil Plants -Gowans & Gray Ltd1909First75Eng25.00
1112 Gowanss Nature Books, No.2 : Wild Flowers at Home First Series -Gowans & Gray Ltd1909Second75Eng20.00
1113 The Light of Asia The Great Renunciation Arnold, Edward CSIKegan Paul1911156Eng15.00
1114 In Woods of God Realization Tirtha, Swami RamaRama Tirtha Publication League1913Second370Eng20.00
1115 The Earth Shown to the Children Hawks, EllisonTC & EC Jack, London1914First125Eng18.00
1116 The Black Arrow Stevenson, RLCassell, London1916376Eng15.00
1117 An Examination of William Jamess Philosophy Turner, JEBlackwell191976Eng5.00
1118 The Holy Bible in Pitmans Shorthand -Sir Isaac Pitmn & Sons19200Eng75.00
1119 Botany for Senior Students Thoday, D.Cambridge University Press1921First524Eng30.00
1120 The Gospel of Evolution Thomson, Prof. J ArthurNewnes, London19260Eng15.00
1121 An Introduction to the Study of Plants Fritsch, FE and Salisbury, EJG Bell & Sons19280Eng10.00
1122 The Origin of Species Darwin, CharlesThinkers Library1929434Eng10.00
1123 History of Modern Philosophy Benn, AWThinkers Library1930141Eng5.00
1124 The Study of Plants Clarendon Press, Oxford1930First440Eng15.00
1125 Tennis Flicker Book No 10 - Service and Smash Austin, HWSlazengers, London1930100Eng40.00
1126 Tennis Flicker Book No 9 - Forehand and Backhand Drives Austin, HWSlazengers, London1930100Eng40.00
1127 In the Beginning Elliot Smith, Prof. GThinkers Library1932110Eng7.00
1128 First Principles Spencer, HerbertWatts, London19370Eng10.00
1129 Boys Own Annual Harding, Robert edLutterworth Press1938624Eng95.00
1130 Religion Without Revelation Huxley, JulianThinkers Library1941118Eng5.00
1131 The Mind in the Making Robinson, James HarveyThe Travellers Library Cape1941247Eng5.00
1132 Philosophy For Our Times Joad, CEMScientific Book Club1942367Eng5.00
1133 Mein Kampf Hitler, AdolfNSDAP, Munich19430Ger95.00
1134 The Wealth of England 1496 to 1760 Clark, G NOxford University Press1946196Eng5.00
1135 Guide to Philosophy Joad, CEMVictor Gollancz1946592Eng5.00
1136 The New Illustrated Gardening Encyclopaedia Sudell, RichardOdhams, London1946896Eng8.00
1137 Background to Modern Thought Hardie C DThinkers Library1947174Eng4.00
1138 Mechanical World Electrical Year Book 1947 Emlott & Co., Manchester1947361Eng10.00
1139 The Republic PlatoEveryman Library19480Eng5.00
1140 Plutarchs Lives 3 vols Temple Press Everyman Library19480Eng10.00
1141 The Age of Belief Fremantle, AnneNew American Library1954218Eng1.00
1142 Wisdom of the Ancients Lobsang Rampa, TCorgi1968158Eng1.00
1143 Mysterious Worlds Bardens, DennisFontana1972255Eng1.00
1144 Philosophy Made Simple Popkin, Stroll & KellyW H Allen1973302Eng1.00
1145 Fossils Dineley, DavidCollins1979First176Eng5.00
1163 Senecas Morals by way of Abstract to which is added Discourse under the title of An After Thought Sir Roger LEstrange, KnightB. Dodsley, Pall Mall1762392Eng150.00
1164 Organ Building for Amateurs - A Practical Guide for Homeworkers Wickes, MarkWard, Lock & Co1887First287Eng50.00
1165 The Oil Palm Corley, RHV and Tinker, PBBlackwell Science Ltd2003Fourth562Eng75.00
1168 Mountains in the Sea - the Story of the Gough Island Expedition Holdgate, Martin Macmillan1958222Eng12.00
1167 Through the Dark Continent Stanley, Henry MGeorge Newnes Ltd., Southampton Street, Strand1899419Eng60.00
1179 The Glass Island - The Story of Tristan da Cunha Nancy HosegoodHodder and Stoughton1964First192Eng5.00
1170 The Story of Exploration and Adventure Ed: Sykes, Sir PercyGeorge Newnes Ltd, Southampton St., Strand1938448Eng9.00
1171 Remarkable Voyages and Shipwrecks Barrington, George WinslowSimpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co.1910Third432Eng10.00
1178 Anatomy of an Expedition Henry W. MenardMcGraw-Hill1969255Eng10.00
1181 Manufacture of Household Soaps, Toilet Soaps and Other Soaps with Formulations Eiri Board of Consultants and EngineersEngineers India Research Institute0387Eng10.00
1182 The Complete Works of Shakspere (William Shakesperes Works) Revised from the Original Editions with a Memoir and Essay on his Genius by Barry Cornwall Shakespeare, WilliamLondon Printing & Punlishing Company1880First0Eng225.00
1183 The Complete Works of Shakspere with a Memoir Shakespeare, WilliamJohn Dicks, 313 Strand1864First0Eng15.00
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