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Seller RefTitleAuthorPublisherPubl.YearEditionPagesLangPrice £DETAILS/BUY
UKB-441 Gleanings Through Wales, Holland and Westphalia with Views of Peace and War at Home and Abroad Pratt, MrLongman, Paternoster Row1796Second417Eng50.00
UKB-459 Gazetteer of England and Wales B Crosby & Co1807595Eng20.00
UKB-451 Scenes in America Taylor, IsaacJohn Harris, London1821Fourth0Eng30.00
UKB-437 The Conduct of the Understanding / Bacons Moral, Economical and Political Essays Locke, JohnJ F Dove, London1825240Eng40.00
UKB-420 Burkes Philosophical Inquiry into the Origins of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful BurkeJ F Dove, London1827175Eng40.00
UKB-443 Ivanhoe Scott, Sir WalterCollins1830486Eng15.00
UKB-426 Cours dHistoire Moderne Guizot, MHauman, Cattoir, Bruxelles18380Fre30.00
UKB-432 Aesops Fables James, Thomas RevJohn Murray, London1852First148Eng10.00
UKB-409 A Natural History of Beasts Birds and Fishes Aikman, JamesT Nelson & Sons, London18540Eng30.00
UKB-408 Rescued from Egypt A.L.O.E. A Lady Of EnglandT Nelson & Sons, London18760Eng20.00
UKB-411 The Light of Asia The Great Renunciation Arnold, Edward CSITrubner, London1885238Eng20.00
UKB-452 Cotton Weaving & Designing Taylor, John TLongmans, Green & Co1893293Eng25.00
UKB-446 Pond Life : Algae Smithson, T SpencerSwan Sonnenschein, London1894Second93Eng20.00
UKB-465 Wood Carving Leland, Charles GWhittaker, London1894Third162Eng50.00
UKB-445 The Story of the Earth in Past Ages Seeley, HGGeorge Newnes, London1895First196Eng20.00
UKB-410 The Story of the Plants Allen, GrantGeorge Newnes Ltd1896Second232Eng10.00
UKB-448 What a Young Boy Ought to Know Stall, SylvanusVir Publishing, London1897First190Eng25.00
UKB-415 Early Chapters in Science Awdry, Mrs. WJohn Murray, London1899348Eng20.00
UKB-458 The Turners Handbook on Lathework and Screw Cutting Wharton, WEChas Stockner, Birmingham1900First59Eng15.00
UKB-419 Casa Guidi Windows and other Poems Browning, Elizabeth BarrettHenry Frowde1904936Eng10.00
UKB-444 Ivanhoe Scott, Sir WalterThomas Nelson1905574Eng10.00
UKB-453 Vanity Fair Thackeray, WMThomas Nelson1905784Eng10.00
UKB-463 The Professor at the Breakfast Table Holmes, Oliver WendellTemple Classics1905305Eng5.00
UKB-401 Gowanss Nature Books, No.7 : Toadstools at Home -Gowans & Gray Ltd1907First75Eng25.00
UKB-402 Gowanss Nature Books, No.16 : Wild Flowers at Home Fourth Series -Gowans & Gray Ltd1907First75Eng30.00
UKB-403 Gowanss Nature Books, No.2 : Wild Flowers at Home First Series -Gowans & Gray Ltd1907First75Eng35.00
UKB-418 Wuthering Heights Bronte, EmilyHenry Frowde1907343Eng10.00
UKB-433 Elementary Lessons in Logic Jevons, W StanleyMacMillan, London1907340Eng10.00
UKB-438 Sans Famille Malot, Hector19070Fre12.00
UKB-464 Poems of Power Wilcox, Ella WheelerGay and Bird1907164Eng10.00
UKB-404 Gowanss Nature Books, No.8 : Our Trees and How to Know Them -Gowans & Gray Ltd1908First75Eng18.00
UKB-405 Gowanss Nature Books, No.21 : Fossil Plants -Gowans & Gray Ltd1909First75Eng25.00
UKB-406 Gowanss Nature Books, No.2 : Wild Flowers at Home First Series -Gowans & Gray Ltd1909Second75Eng20.00
UKB-412 The Light of Asia The Great Renunciation Arnold, Edward CSIKegan Paul1911156Eng15.00
UKB-456 In Woods of God Realization Tirtha, Swami RamaRama Tirtha Publication League1913Second370Eng20.00
UKB-429 The Earth Shown to the Children Hawks, EllisonTC & EC Jack, London1914First125Eng18.00
UKB-449 The Black Arrow Stevenson, RLCassell, London1916376Eng15.00
UKB-457 An Examination of William Jamess Philosophy Turner, JEBlackwell191976Eng5.00
UKB-407 The Holy Bible in Pitmans Shorthand -Sir Isaac Pitmn & Sons19200Eng75.00
UKB-454 Botany for Senior Students Thoday, D.Cambridge University Press1921First524Eng30.00
UKB-455 The Gospel of Evolution Thomson, Prof. J ArthurNewnes, London19260Eng15.00
UKB-425 An Introduction to the Study of Plants Fritsch, FE and Salisbury, EJG Bell & Sons19280Eng10.00
UKB-422 The Origin of Species Darwin, CharlesThinkers Library1929434Eng10.00
UKB-417 History of Modern Philosophy Benn, AWThinkers Library1930141Eng5.00
UKB-460 The Study of Plants Clarendon Press, Oxford1930First440Eng15.00
UKB-413 Tennis Flicker Book No 10 - Service and Smash Austin, HWSlazengers, London1930100Eng40.00
UKB-414 Tennis Flicker Book No 9 - Forehand and Backhand Drives Austin, HWSlazengers, London1930100Eng40.00
UKB-423 In the Beginning Elliot Smith, Prof. GThinkers Library1932110Eng7.00
UKB-447 First Principles Spencer, HerbertWatts, London19370Eng10.00
UKB-428 Boys Own Annual Harding, Robert edLutterworth Press1938624Eng95.00
UKB-431 Religion Without Revelation Huxley, JulianThinkers Library1941118Eng5.00
UKB-442 The Mind in the Making Robinson, James HarveyThe Travellers Library Cape1941247Eng5.00
UKB-434 Philosophy For Our Times Joad, CEMScientific Book Club1942367Eng5.00
UKB-430 Mein Kampf Hitler, AdolfNSDAP, Munich19430Ger95.00
UKB-421 The Wealth of England 1496 to 1760 Clark, G NOxford University Press1946196Eng5.00
UKB-435 Guide to Philosophy Joad, CEMVictor Gollancz1946592Eng5.00
UKB-450 The New Illustrated Gardening Encyclopaedia Sudell, RichardOdhams, London1946896Eng8.00
UKB-427 Background to Modern Thought Hardie C DThinkers Library1947174Eng4.00
UKB-461 Mechanical World Electrical Year Book 1947 Emlott & Co., Manchester1947361Eng10.00
UKB-439 The Republic PlatoEveryman Library19480Eng5.00
UKB-462 Plutarchs Lives 3 vols Temple Press Everyman Library19480Eng10.00
UKB-424 The Age of Belief Fremantle, AnneNew American Library1954218Eng1.00
UKB-436 Wisdom of the Ancients Lobsang Rampa, TCorgi1968158Eng1.00
UKB-416 Mysterious Worlds Bardens, DennisFontana1972255Eng1.00
UKB-440 Philosophy Made Simple Popkin, Stroll & KellyW H Allen1973302Eng1.00
UKB-466 Fossils Dineley, DavidCollins1979First176Eng5.00
UKB-362 Senecas Morals by way of Abstract to which is added Discourse under the title of An After Thought Sir Roger LEstrange, KnightB. Dodsley, Pall Mall1762392Eng150.00
UKB-467 Organ Building for Amateurs - A Practical Guide for Homeworkers Wickes, MarkWard, Lock & Co1887First287Eng50.00
UKB-468 The Oil Palm Corley, RHV and Tinker, PBBlackwell Science Ltd2003Fourth562Eng75.00
UKB-470 Mountains in the Sea - the Story of the Gough Island Expedition Holdgate, Martin Macmillan1958222Eng12.00
UKB-469 Through the Dark Continent Stanley, Henry MGeorge Newnes Ltd., Southampton Street, Strand1899419Eng60.00
UKB-1179 The Glass Island - The Story of Tristan da Cunha Nancy HosegoodHodder and Stoughton1964First192Eng5.00
UKB-472 The Story of Exploration and Adventure Ed: Sykes, Sir PercyGeorge Newnes Ltd, Southampton St., Strand1938448Eng9.00
UKB-473 Remarkable Voyages and Shipwrecks Barrington, George WinslowSimpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co.1910Third432Eng10.00
UKB-471 Anatomy of an Expedition Henry W. MenardMcGraw-Hill1969255Eng10.00
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